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Confidentiality Agreement Vertalen

Any translation mission carried out by the main translation office in The Hague is subject to a strict confidentiality code. You can have your written memoirs, judgments, judgments, quotes or proxies translated with confidence. We refer you to our privacy policy and the terms and conditions of sale. If necessary, we are ready to enter into a confidentiality agreement with you regarding your development. Frequente korte uitdrukkingen: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, sea . You can summon the main translation office in The Hague to obtain your certified legal documents. It is advisable to know in advance if you need an unsworn or sworn translation. If you intend to use legal documents, for example, with a state agency, municipality or school, it is likely that a certified translation will be required. All certified authentic translations, such as a diploma and a list of notes, a birth certificate or residence permit, are accompanied by a declaration, the required signature and the seal of the sworn translator. The initial document is attached to the certified translation. Certified legal translation then became an officially recognized translation in the Netherlands.

For more information on certified translations, visit our website: ”Certified Translation.” Do you have any questions about a certified translation? Feel free to contact us. Certified translations prepared by the Urgent Vertalen are still officially recognized translations within the Netherlands. If you need your translation to be used outside the Netherlands, you probably need to regularize your certified translation. If the country for which you need your translation is a signatory to the so-called Apostille convention, an apostille must be affixed. You can receive an apostille yourself or allow the main translation office in The Hague to do so for you. We have performed this service for many individuals and businesses before you. The apostille is affixed by the Central Department of the Court on certified translation. If you need your certified translation in a country where the Apostille Convention does not apply, you must have your documents legalized at the consulate.

For more information on legalizing your translation, visit our website ”Apostille and legalization.” Do you have any questions about legalizing your documents? So don`t hesitate to contact us. Our project managers are happy to help. The main translation office in The Hague conducts daily legal translations to the great satisfaction of many regular clients, such as law firms and notaries, government agencies and international companies. Whether you need an urgent or prolonged legal translation, as an existing agent or new client, a legal translation .B. Your acts, terms and conditions, contracts, extracts from the Chamber of Commerce`s trade register and/or your statutes and statutes are quickly and simply agreed with Urgent Vertalen.

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