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Cypp Enterprise Agreement

In order to assist SODOAC in carrying out its work, a detailed decision-making framework was developed, focusing on risks and potential harms to the Community, in accordance with the 2008 DPSOA review (see below A New Public Protection Model for the Management of High-Risk Sexual and Violent Offenders (2008). This framework has been influenced by current research and good practice. Recognizing that the field of risk prediction is a developing science, this framework will not be a static tool. On the contrary, QCS will continue to consult with psychiatrists and psychologists experienced in the field of sex offender assessment and treatment to ensure that the best available techniques for risk assessment are available to SODOAC (Queensland Government 2008: 10-11) • With regard to juvenile detention, Queensland has relatively low Rates of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal detention compared to the national level. . . .

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