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Define Unlawful Agreement

Section 23 of the Indian Contract Act clearly states that the consideration or object of a contract is considered consideration or a valid object, and if this is not the case, the object and consideration are considered illegal. Example 1: A, a landlord, rents his house to B, a commercial sex worker, knowing that it would be used for immoral trade. The landlord cannot recover the rent. Here, the object is immoral, the agreement to pay the rent is nullity. Although the object or consideration of the agreement, sometimes not directly prohibited by law, they are always prohibited if it nullified the purpose of the provision of the law. The approval of such an object or consideration is cancelled. If a legislative act provides for a sanction for an act or promise, the performance of such an act or promise would amount to the defeat of that order, since it is implicit that the law intends to prohibit that act. . . .

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