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Cottage Agreement

Decisions about the cabin: how will you make decisions about the cottage? A ”majority rule” approach may work well for most issues, but important decisions (e.g.B. sale or substantial improvements) may require unanimity. Mediation may be necessary if people disagree. When it`s time to transfer legal ownership to the next generation, a cottage sharing agreement can help clarify the process. Without an agreement, any owner can ask the court to sell the property and pay his share. With a cottage sharing agreement, the owners agree, for their mutual protection and utility, to waive this legal right to impose a sale. At first, co-owners need to ask a few important questions. For example, can all owners use the holiday home all the time? If there are periods of exclusive use, how are they allocated? Can the owners take guests on their holiday or even rent or rent the holiday home? Who opens and closes the holiday home every year? Who ensures that electricity bills, local taxes and insurance premiums are paid on time? And how are collective decisions made for changes, improvements or additions? Now that we`re in physical distancing for a few months, does anyone already have cabin fever? My daughter reminded me of Muppets` song about cabin fever (watch it on YouTube) and she said she`s officially going crazy — like the Muppets in the song. With this proclamation, we decided as a family that if we had cabin fever and lost our marbles, we would prefer to do it in our cottage – our holiday home. I`m pretty sure that despite this pandemic, cabin owners are eventually making their way for their summer vacation.

Last week, I shared the six questions that every cabin owner must answer. I then raised the first three questions. Today I would like to address the fourth: the rules for sharing the hut. Tips to pass on the family home as peacefully as possible. Ideally, all cottage sharing agreements between active parents and their children should be made in order to avoid surprises or tensions after reading the will. The more complete a cottage sharing contract, the better it will serve the family. Here are seven things to keep in mind and include in the deal: Family cottages are packed with souvenirs, BBQ nights, campfires, and family reunions. But beautiful memories can also come with many commitments and headaches when it comes to deciding on the future of the cabin.

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