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El Pollo Loco Franchise Agreement

”I am pleased to serve as a franchisee of El Pollo Loco during this important time for the brand and look forward to growing the company`s presence in Texas,” said Anil Yadav, President of AA Pollo Inc. ”For over 30 years, El Pollo Loco has been known for providing handmade, quality and tasteful meals, inspired by authentic Mexican recipes. The growth of El Pollo Loco in the southwest will undoubtedly continue to underscore the excellent reputation of the brand. This conflict follows a wave of similar disputes between restaurateurs and their corporate colleagues. McDonald`s franchise owners, for example, have organized to form an association, in part because of anger over slow sales amid costly transformations. Jack in the Box owners have asked for a new CEO, a board seat and a marketing audit. An association of franchisees at Canadian Tim Horton filed a lawsuit against parent company Restaurant Brands International for cost-cutting measures, an expensive renovation plan and delays in delivery, and then U.S. franchisees filed a lawsuit in May over a contractual clause that handles all disputes in Miami courts. Training* Seven-week pre-opening training for franchisees and restaurant managers* Franchise training advisors offering continuing education programs for crew and management* Comprehensive assistance in opening restaurants AA Pollo Inc., headquartered in Fremont, California, is a franchisee of El Pollo Loco Inc., the leading chain of restaurants for grilled chickens at the national level. AA Pollo Inc.

is led by Anil Yadav, a multi-entity franchisee that operates fast and full-service restaurants for three brands in Northern California and Texas, including more than 220 Jacks at the Box`s sites. 4.1 The franchisee must submit a proposed site for the restaurant for acceptance by the Franchisors Real Estate Site Approval Committee (RESAC), along with the location information reasonably required by the franchisee to assess the proposed location. In the absence of any delay by the franchisee under this agreement or any other development, franchise or other agreement between the franchisee and the franchisee, the franchisor must evaluate the proposed website for which the franchisee has provided all necessary evaluation information and, without delay, but not more than sixty (sixty) days after receipt of the franchisee`s proposal, written notice of whether or not to send the website to the franchisee. The authorization of the site does not guarantee that a franchise agreement will be concluded. The execution of the franchise agreement is subject to the purchase or lease of the location proposed by the developer. . . .

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