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Mape Labor Agreement

Not a member? Join MAPE now! You must be a member to vote on the new agreement. Go here to register: mape.org/join-mape The MAPE 2019-2021 contract came into interim action on October 25, 2019, following the absence of a meeting of the Legislative Subcommittee on Industrial Relations (SER) as part of the 30-day legal window. Members` salaries on November 22 include a retroactive payment for July 1-Oct 29. Workers who retired after June 30 or have left the public service must notify their employer if they wish to receive the pay increase. The treaty must now be ratified by the entire legislature before they postpone the 2020 legislative session on 18 May. To see how we got here, go www.mape.org/past-2019-2021-contract-events. Below you will find the current union contracts and plans for each union representing faculties and employees in the state of Minnesota. Minnesota State operates a comprehensive program of labor relations and employees. Our new language of agreement allows individual agencies to cooperate as they see fit with MAPE to repay student loans as well as incentives to hire and engage difficult-to-fill positions. It is up to all of us to encourage agencies to participate in these new projects. If you would like to help with this effort, contact MAPE members in your agency`s meet and confer teams mape.org/committees/meet-and-confer-committees.

Summary of salary and performance changes 2019-2021 . . Full Contract 2019-2021 – To request appropriate accommodation and/or an alternative format of this document, contact us at 651-259-3750 or accessibility.mmb@state.mn.us. . Calculate your own salary increases based on the proposed contract for 2019-2021. The results for 1 July 2019 are based on an increase of 2.25% and the results for 1 July 2020 are based on an increase of 2.5%. General Professional Unit`>> Salary Calculator and Premium Effects. This bargaining unit includes professionals who provide a wide range of specialized professional services, from accounting to zoology. The unit employs approximately 12,500 people.

. Total Compensation Report – AFSCME Master, AFSCME Unit 25, MMA and MAPE 2019-2021 Organizations and bargaining units representing Minnesota State staff are listed below: . . Minnesota State has employees in twelve bargaining units identified by the Public Employees Labor Relation Act. . . .

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