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Statutory Reemployment Rights Agreement

(e) EQUITY POWERS- The Tribunal may exercise its full powers of equity, including interim or permanent measures, injunctions and orders of non-compliance, to fully defend the rights of individuals under this Chapter. Section 4312. (c) Any employer who re-engages a person under this Chapter and who contributes to an additional employment plan within the meaning of section 3 (37) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act 1974 is or may be paid to the person under the obligations under this Chapter; inform the administrator of this plan in writing of such re-employment within thirty days of the date of re-employment. (C) in the case of a person whose duty time in uniformed services was more than 30 days but less than 181 days, by submitting an application for re-employment to the employer no later than 14 days after the expiry of the period of service, or where the filing of such a request within that period is impossible or unreasonable through no fault of the person, the first full calendar day following; in which the filing of such an application is possible. (a) Except as provided in paragraphs (b), (c) and (d), a person entitled to re-employment by the federal government under section 4312 is rehired in a position of employment in accordance with section 4313. 2. (A) If the Special Investigator is sufficiently satisfied that the person on whohalf of whom a complaint is made under subsection 1 is entitled to the rights or benefits referred to, the Special Investigator (at the request of the person making the complaint) may appear on behalf of the person and act as counsel for the person and bring an action for such claim before the Merit Systems Protection Board. (ix) provide, at the request of a service member or former member of the service, documents that can be used to satisfy the service member`s right to legal reintegration rights and benefits. Appropriate documents may include, where appropriate: (2) the applicant`s right to act in accordance with the implementing provisions of Article 4323 (in the event of an appeal against a public or private employer) or Article 4324 (in the event of a complaint against a federal enforcement agency or against the Personnel Management Office). (B) it is impossible or inappropriate for the Agency to reinstate the person.

(c) where the employer of a person described in point (a) was a member of the justice or legislative power of the federal government at the time of entry into the service from which that person is applying for re-employment under this division and the employer finds that it is impossible or unreasonable for that employer to reinstate that person, that person, at the request of the Director of the Office for Human Resources Management, shall propose an offer of employment in another in a federal performance agency on the basis described in point (b). .

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