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Traducir Facility Agreement

The following sections of this chapter (i) will focus on (i) on the main sources of financing available to investors, (ii) on key issues related to an agreement on priority facilities, (iii) on certain relevant interbank issues. You can find ”Priority Loan Agreement” for ”Senior Facility Agreement” on Google. for Facility Agreement, I ignored the credit line contract q. >< IGNORABLE q. can be ignored. . There is a website with more information on "preferred credits." It`s a legal website. This is a debt that the debtor has forced to pay before any other debts he also has in the event of bankruptcy. Irineide, I have no words to say for your flattery. Yes, that`s all. Senior is a priory in terms of shareholders and rights. I don`t know if the privilege is good… I admire you for that and for the rest.

TCTerms is here to find answers to the questions. Each entry should be linked only to this purpose. Anything that does not serve this purpose is erased. If a message contains the judgment of a peer, criticism or defense of that skill of a peer, judgmental remarks, that message is deleted. If there is this judgment inside the body of a message, that part is removed. The rebuttal of an answer should be based only on the answer or on its resources. Results: 45. You guessed it: 45. Response time: 138 ms. I consulted the International Glossary for the Orellana Marine Translator.

A seniority loan is a priority loan. The concept of priority lending appears in the Worldwide Bank glossary. This may be a priority line of credit. So I saw it as a preferred line of credit. Frequent short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Plus Almost every day, I learn a little more in this forum. ”O3b Networks Limited is raising a total of $1.2 billion from Fonda to fully fund the construction and launch of its global constellation of next-generation satellites. It seems to be a place for the oldest or highest hierarchy… or perhaps an arrangement of facilities for the oldest… Absolutely to Nile. Before, I met him when I heard favorite treatments or favorite clients, etc.

It is already accepted by the DRAE… Another argument: no one says, ”It`s better if you come early, where there`s the right thing to do, you`d rather come early.” Despite what I have argued, I realize that use over time leads to meanings. And we are right not to rush, because today is not tomorrow, and what is the norm tomorrow is today snobbery. hemeroteca.abcdesevilla.es/nav/Navigate.exe/hemeroteca/sevilla/abc.sevilla/1985/04/27/048.html. PREFERENTIAL – You prefer (I`ve never seen that this word was used correctly). . Priority references that has priority or preference. ENDungen ANTE, ENTE, IENTE come from the Latin endings YEARS, ENS, which means AGENT: `FACENTE, HACIENT`, (who) does it (something), like Homo sapiens, a sapient man who knows or thinks. One song is CANTABLE, not SINGER. In this case, loans (or stocks) may be preferred, preferred or preferable (for you), but they may not prefer you (be preferred) because they are inanimate things. You may prefer a ”favorite” costume, but a costume can`t be preferred (you prefer). Irineid, I don`t like PREFERENTE too much.

This word should not exist… I don`t think anyone is using it properly. The right thing to do is PREFERRED, PREFERABLE, PREFERENTIAL, PREFERENTIAL, PRIORITY. That`s cool! I have already printed it and stored it in my files for this translation.

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