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Verb Agreement Lesson Plan

Read the reference material ”Different Types of Topics” and choose the sentences with the right subject-verb match. In some cases, both options may be correct. The goal of this activity is for students to reflect on what they have learned and what they did not understand in the lesson, and to discuss it with a partner. American English speakers are more inclined to single out with collective names than spokespeople for British English, although this is an uncertain language area and there is much discussion about the correct use. A dictionary may indicate the rule followed by a collective name, but it is important that students be consistent with their use of those names. The objective of this activity is to introduce the theme of the conformity of subjects and verbs by creating sentences with the words in the list as subject. After discussing the questions, you explain that the lesson will focus on some aspects of written and oral accuracy. Celce-Murcia, M., &Larsen-Freeman, D. (1999). The agreement copula and subjectverb. In The grammar book: An ESL/EFL teacher`s course, (2nd edition, pp. 53-78).

Boston: Heinle & Heinle. Write a brief description of each photo, with one or two sentences that give your opinion on it. Use words to create sentences with the right subject-verb match. A 60-minute lesson where students identify and practice subject-verb concordance. The objective of this activity is to ensure that the verb in each sentence corresponds to the subject as far as sentence structure is concerned. Verifying the SubjectVerb agreement doesn`t have to be laborious. In this minilesson, high school students explore subject-verb concordance using real-life examples of newspapers and song lyrics. In addition to checking and identifying both correct and incorrect subject-verb correspondence, students examine when it may be appropriate to use non-grammatical language and talk about the difference between formal and informal language. They then invent quiz questions that they can share with their colleagues. The gist of the lesson is to ask students to know how this important grammatical rule is used (or deliberately ignored) in a large number of environments.

The objective of this activity is to introduce grammatical activities into the lesson and to highlight the roles of precision and current in the use of English. The objective of this activity is to correctly use verbs with different types of subjects. Detect and correct inappropriate changes in the form of the verb.* Students will be able to create sentences in which the subject and verb match. English Object Verb Accept Sentence Exercise Introduction Language Teaching Plan – Introduction Worksheets Writing Mini-Lesson Exercise Paragraph Process Write Activities Training Facts Object ESL List Worksheet Game Quiz Define Teachers Free Seventh eighth tenth twelfth grade Final year students should read the lesson and complete the worksheet. Optionally, teachers can also use the lesson as part of a teaching plan. Read the reference material ”Sentence Structure” and write the correct verb form to complete the sentences. EF Class is a tool that helps teachers take engaging, interactive and motivating English courses with a comprehensive set of flexible teaching materials. Understanding Subject Verb Agreement Lesson – Use the printable lesson for your program or as a teaching supplement….

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