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Violation Of User Agreement Pubg Mobile Artinya

PUBG has an official site for top-up problems, but some players are looking for alternatives. Maybe because it`s cheaper and more varied than the shellfish site. How to restore the pubg account due to illegal recharging as follows: Subject: I Cant Login To My PUBG AccountMessage: Lieber, admin. Please help me, I can`t log in to my account. I think someone stole my account through phishing sites and illegal use programs. Here my account detailID: (cantumin id kamu) E-mail: (cantumin your email) Username: (cantumin your username) Please check my account and help me take back my accountRegard, name kamuemail Support Pubg Example How can I recover the mobile account pubg that has been banned? Because you don`t have to worry about this problem. We`ll tell you how to restore your blocked Pubg account, take a good look at our statement. KADER, COME TO THE SECURE ZONE! At Tencent, we encourage all MOBILE PUBG players not to charge via unauthorized or illegal payment channels. Because this can cause your account to close or close for a period of time. Wait for it up by:1.

Official website: pubgmobile.com/pay2. Official channels from Google Play Store and Apple App Store3. Official Top Up Channel that we always announce on Facebook facebook.com/PUBGMOBILE.ID.OFFICIAL/ Please fill in the information below to help the PUBG MOBILE team check or verify your account. If you have any further questions, please contact Our CS at: [email protected] 5. Once you`ve finished sending it, you need to wait for an email response via your blocked Pubg account. So just as a suggestion, if your device is not ready to play this game, should only accept reality. Please switch to a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox or IE10 for a better experience. Read also: How to Overcome Banned Account 10 years of PUBG Mobile Latest 2020 PlayerUnknown`s Battlegrounds or more commonly called PUBG, attracted many players to play this game.

This kind of royal battle game was popular until now. Unfortunately, some players who have mobile PUBG accounts have been blocked for several reasons. In fact, in detail Tencent Games does not explain to you if the account is blocked. However, many of you wonder why it is still banned, but do not do the 4 things above. Because PUBG Mobile will counterbalance players who are a team with scammers because they win an unfair victory. How pubGPlayerKnown Battlefield Recovery PUBGPUBG MobilePUBG Mobile tekena you need to know if your friend is using cheat or not, and if so, you will rush out of the room.

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