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Sap Error Generating Release Against Scheduling Agreement (Cause 2)

If you need your data for the error below generated in ME38 Hi all, I have established an LPA-type delivery plan in IDES and I have maintained the delivery plan. When I tried to generate the forecast schedule, I received this message ”Error when generating release against the delivery plan (cause 2).” The help says that the error is due to the search for messages. If someone is faced with this error, can you please indicate where the problem is? The error may include one of the following situations: I do MIGO – GR versus outgoing delivery with Mvt Type 103. 2) Then go to OBYC -GBB Check the account received against the account modifier in Step 1, this screenshot as follows: Please inform me of the exit error gratification against Cause 2. If another error occurs during the following processing 1: The nature of the error cannot be accurately specified. I could only share one item for 5000 units, and after confirmation (5 AB confirmations) with the amount confirmed each date, but the supplier asks us for the receipt of orders in the first place distributed. I get the following error, while I do THE GR for the item 303387 sales rate. this error and how you can avoid it, you can find in the warning SAP 1776835. to be written in the database. Otherwise, if there are no other errors, please note that we have already activated both JIT-FIT, but I understand that we get the same error . I set up a Z-FM to fill an MDPSX-type table (by calling the standard FM MD_STOCK_REQUIREMENTS_LIST_API for all materials and adding the resulting lines for the layout elements in this table) and I changed the MDPSX (CH_COPY_MDPSX) type table to BADI MD_ADD_ELEMENTS.

Something is wrong – because I have an information message 61060 The date is not convertible (please correct) and an error specified to a MM108 No alternative unit of measurement. I try to publish the purchase request in ME51N for the special stock ”Q” on the WBS item. This time I received the following error. 5: A delivery plan that has not yet been downgraded by all officials may be involved. The functional component to generate an appointment release (forecast delivery plan or JIT delivery schedule) encountered an error, which ended the processing. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn`t happen, and I can`t find the reason. I thought it might depend on the transaction used (ME38 or MD43), but that is not the case. I checked this problem with inventory transport orders and storage delivery plan, but I was also able to switch with normal orders to external lenders.

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